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14. noviembre 2012

Modern touch-screen concept for controlling operating tables

Merimote™ is a multifunctional remote control that can be used, e.g. for controlling operating tables. Currently it works with Merivaara’s Promerix™ electro-hydraulic operating table.

With its intuitive touch screen and clear symbols, Merimote™ guides the user through different table positions. Table movements are easily selected from the touch screen and activated with two colour-marked buttons. Merimote™ also shows the actual table position through two-way communication. Positions can also be stored in the memory of the control. By using these memorised case and/or surgeon specific table positions, the surgical team can increase turnover times and focus more on the patient.

Merimote™ also gives access to more advanced product support. Additionally, it adapts to user needs with localised language versions and US/metric dimensions.

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