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05. noviembre 2014

Orthopedic surgery set-up made easy with new system

Merivaara’s new, innovative multipurpose extension device Flexion™ provides a single system for several fields of orthopedic surgery together with Promerix™ operating table. With its multipurpose functions, Flexion is an excellent choice for hip arthroscopy, as well as for pinning and nailing of hip, femur, tibia or fibula.

Flexion is available in two packages: Basic Trauma System and Multipurpose System. The modular system can easily be upgraded to different applications. The Flexion Trolley provides convenient storage and set-up of the system.  

  • Single system for several fields of orthopedics
  • Flexible patient positioning
  • Intuitive, simple connections and quick latching system
  • Fast setup – cost-efficient in use
  • Excellent C-arm access for imaging during surgery

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