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New, Smarter Practico operating table

The versatile operating table Practico has been designed to improve ergonomics with the industry’s widest range of posture possibilities. It is powered by smart controls that help you work more fluently.




Super high and super low

Improved ergonomics. Three different models, with motorized leg sections as option. The new smarter Practico is one of the lowest mobile tables in the market!

High SWL

Stronger than ever. The new smarter Practico has improved safe working load and width extenders to help you to treat every patient regardless of their size and shape.

Streamlined design

Human-centric design at its best. Perfect C-arm access. Easy to keep clean even in the busiest patient flow situations. No mechanical pedals.

Smart features

Practico is easy and intuitive to use. The user interface is similar to other Merivaara’s products and can be connected to Merivaara’s OpenOR integrated operating room management system. Smart features also include for example safety sensors and memory positions.

ProductoMesa de cirugia PracticoMesa de cirugia PracticoMesa de cirugia Practico
Anchura (tope de la mesa)540 mm21,26 in540 mm21,26 in540 mm21,26 in
Ajuste de la altura585 - 885 mm23 - 34,8 in640 - 1130 mm25,2 - 44,5 in540 - 1030 mm21,3 - 40,6 in
Carga de trabajo segura (SWL)280 kg617,3 lb280 kg617,3 lb280 kg617,30 lb
Trendelenburg30 °30 °30 °
Trendelenburg inverso30 °30 °30 °
Ajuste del respaldo-40 - 70 °-40 - 70 °-40 - 70 °
Somier (secciones)4-64-64-6
Desplazamiento longitudinal de la parte superior de la mesa390 mm15,4 in390 mm15,4 in390 mm15,4 in
Inclinación lateral-20 - 20 °-20 - 20 °-20 - 20 °
Capacidad máxima de elevación400 kg882 lb400 kg882 lb400 kg882 lb
Product Code145000145000145000



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